High School Fire

When it Mattered,

__Years ago, they’d make me melt, every time;

___________Hugs could take my breath away,

______________Kisses would rock my world–

_______________It was then not hyperbole–

________________Fragmented lyrics to compose my anthems:

___________________Soundtracks of a life fantastic–

______________Vignettes to play inside my brain:

____________Anti-idealisms that, regardless,

_________________Wrote labels on my desires:

_____________________Fruits to never reap from–

_______________________Missteps to best be learned from–bell_alarm1

_____________________Fucked up instead from my virgin mind:

_________Fear of flesh that birthed a scapegoat, that

_____I’d wished to slaughter but, fortunately hadn’t the balls:

When it mattered. 


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