Looks like we stepped too far, too fast.

Should’ve been a bit more careful right.


It’s a shame but, even in face of death,

We’ll find the way to ignore each other.


I know we will, baby, trust me, we will.

If I know one thing, it’s that we will try.


Can’t go out chasing; gotta be running.

At least we have so much in common.


If your back is the last thing that I see

Before I suffocate, I will not die happy.


Well my dear, it’s been quite the race.

Really, it has, it’s been years coming.


You’ve been one hell of a competitor.

We’ve traded position so many times.


No matter where the other of us went,

Or whoever would come between us,


Like the geyser Old Faithful, you and I

were always, piping the hottest hot air.


It’s sort of funny, though, how we sink;

We’re sinking so slowly, I cannot feel it.

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