Swirling Weights

Swirling weights

inside me


then falls,

then crashes;

hits middle.


A micro explosion

blasting through

a short barrel–

quick spraying shots

of modest angst


like a bad atom–

a reaction to myself.


Surges so quickly

but it creams,


–it spreads,

it dissipates.


Like incense.


It just does not

quite satisfy.


So underwhelming

it stressing me out–

anomalous feelings

I can’t figure out–

the closure

that’s ignorance

passes me out.

Rain pours so hard

and sounds

so good.

Swirling weights

inside me.


It does not bang,

it works me out;

It leaves no trail,

it works me out;

It does not fail,

It works me out;

I get no stronger,

it works me out;

I’m made no better,

it works me out.


Swirling weights

inside me.



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