The People I Can’t Ignore

I was always so gifted

at sweating things off

I was a walking sauna

To piss me off

you’d have to know me

‘better than I know myself’

Always drove me so crazy

just thinking believing

you always had me wrong


It wasn’t a choice

it wasn’t a preference

It’s just natural truth

simply organics hardwired

It’s all that I know

cause you’re all that I am

You cannot be ignored


And the times when I try

are the time when I know

you will never be ignored


I’d brush you right off

like you’re lint on a comb

like you’re no big deal

like you’re everyone else

But I can’t

with people I can’t ignore


You’re all that I know

so you’re all that I am


you cannot be ignored


And if you say that I do

you know I will answer


It’s so gay

I mean lame


This 27 year old man

with teenage-like angst

and people I can’t ignore



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