Dark Sunset


As soon we were born, already we were running–there was no way to see it coming

There wasn’t the time or a need to think; our whole lives they had told us only to run

They’d watch us–expecting little with their little eyes and so, we ran and ran and ran

We had run so much they could not believe it–we were the focus of their every word

Doubts had crawled upon themselves, as they watched and, watched and, watched

And as we ran, and ran, and ran, as they talked and talked and talked–we’d sprinted

I had never run so fast before, neither had the others; as we thought we’d run for life

As soon as I fell, as soon as did the others; already they were talking–we kept falling

We all stopped running; now we stand–and sometimes we walk but we always carry

They do still talk but it’s not of us; it’s them we carry–we carry them to a dark sunset



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