Just Birds

At the intersection where I was standing the crosswalk had malfunctioned.

I was standing there, clicking the button, again and again but it didn’t work.

It was early morning and not too many were yet out about, and it was cold.

It was then–as I was pressing the button once again–I had heard the birds.

They were chirping loudly, from above me, watching the street below them;

Just hanging out, perched on two ropes of the powerline, enjoying morning.

At this point, I was staring at the birds; I was distracted from the crosswalk.

I found myself wondering–asking myself what they were asking each other;

I didn’t know. How could I. They were, of course, just birds. I did not know.

They all got along so well; I wondered then, if that, when we first saw birds,

All those countless years ago, if that–we saw them and thought, “Yea, they

Got the right idea.” It was just a thought. It wasn’t a theory. Just a thought.


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