Haiku 17


Family vacations,

search locations,

looking for themselves.



16 thoughts on “Haiku 17

      1. i’m fluent in t j maxx & that would be where i bought a tribal mask, if i had one. that is the funniest haiku, ever…i’ve been laughing for a week.

        so you are saying you got my answer at twitter, b/c i don’t know if it went to you or to everyone? i don’t know how to use that place.

      2. …I am a twitter novice myself, so…I know…I don’t know how to tweet either, but…to answer your question, yes, you did it right. You succeeded. Pretty sure.

      3. that’s good, b/c i can’t figure out how to do anything else….like when i put luke meyer in the box, it says giving you results for lucky luciano….it took 3 days ,really..it was more like he is george smith & then a million luke meyers,lucky…it took forever.lol

      4. yeah, sounds like twitter… I’m sure there must be a million or two luke meyer in this world. Not too many Errin Spelling, though, I wouldn’t think.

      5. Top seven’s not too bad, I guess…I’m a pretty big deal out there in the twitter nest, you know, I got like three, four, maybe even five followers.

      6. When I first I saw your name on wordpress, honestly my brain was forced into a double check, Errin Spelling. I could not understand how you were reading/writing poems from the grave, but, then, I figured it out.

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