Falling knife drawer, incognito.

Never did I know a fruit that beats the candy version.

But never has a candy met with finer imitation.

Chewing gum looks down on floss,

waffle sauce can’t stop your coughs;

You’re cigarettes of dissolving chalk:

your fun dip’s hiding something.

Never had a scented marker fail to have me crave it.

But rarely can I smell the fruit unless I dare not taste it.

No one likes to chew brown spots,

you skip around what flesh is soft,

icebox clean, as you forgot;

Sixteen cheeses, grilled sweet sandwich:

white bread, crustless, as demanded.

Lightning through the kitchen door: knife drawer’s falling evermore:

you fell on purpose to the floor: your brita fits: nevermore.

Your faucet broke: the kitchen sank;

desperate drawer: your kitten roar.

Thunder passes through your soul–

you’d never felt that, ever, more.

There’s no such steak eyes couldn’t conquer.


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