Doors in the Desert


I’d started off on roadways

lighted, paved and smooth

Though somehow void of traffic

I did not care to question this,

I did not wish to jinx my luck.


For far too long I wandered,

expending great strength

with each small step I took,

while wading in the dunes

But how I got into the desert,

I’m not even sure.


I did not panic in the desert,

I just kept on walking through

and I did not stop at the oasis,

I had no trust in my mirages

I did not drain one cactus,

I just drank whiskey.


Yet, then, still I’m in the desert

and still yet I’m walking true

But I will not thank the whiskey,

for it’s me where credit’s due.


If I make it through the desert,

if I manage to not dry inside

despite the whiskey soaking,

then I’d made it in the desert.



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