The Next Big Thing


“You know, one time I had the next big thing. I did. I really did. But I didn’t seize it, I didn’t capitalize,” Bosco said to Carey. Carey was working the overnight, behind the front desk, at the Addison Inn. Bosco was there to visit.

“Yeah, man I know, flavored stamps,” Carey answered.

Bosco shook his head, “No, dude, flavored stamps was not it. I was joking that time about flavored stamps.”

Bosco walked over behind the desk. Carey shook his head but said nothing to stop it, “Yeah, stamps you don’t even lick them anymore, it’s all self adhesive,” he murmured. Bosco nodded. “Yeah, that’s why I was joking,” he said, “But this one other time though, I really did have the next big thing, I had the idea for it.” Bosco pulled out a bottle from the bottom drawer. He took a seat on the available stool, next to Carey at the computer, behind the desk. He then took a swig. Wild Turkey. Carey watched, he reached for the bottle. He took down a gulp and handed it back.

“You’re pretty lucky you know,” Bosco said, “You’re all by yourself here, you do whatever the fuck you want.” Carey straightened, “I gotta work,” he answered. “Yeah, hardly,” Bosco retorted. “Yeah, well, flavored stamps.”

~~~A few swigs later…

“I really did have it,” Bosco was somber, “That one time but, fuck, man, that’s life.” He took another swig. Carey dropped his bottom lip. He was looking at Bosco with uncertainty. “What was it,” he asked. Bosco shook his head, “It will sound stupid, but it’s not,” he said. Carey gave this a quick nod, “I’m sure it will,” he said.

“Phone camera,” Bosco answered, and promptly took a swig. He chased it with a laugh. “Yeah sounds stupid, right.” He passed the bottle.

“Not really, but, they already made that,” Carrey reasoned. Bosco shook his finger, “No, no that’s camera phone, I’m talking about a phone camera. But anyway, it’s too late.”

~~~an old man and his wife entered the front door, checking in…

“Let me take this,” Bosco said to Carey, nudging him. Carey nodded, tucking the bottle farther inward the bottom shelf. Bosco greeted the couple, “Welcome to the Addison,” he said, “Checking in,” he asked. When the couple answered him yes, Bosco turned them over to Carey. Carrey checked them in and they went on their way. He then pulled out the bottle, and all resumed.

“Man, your job is fucking easy,” Bosco said with a letting gasp. “It’s just the night, really,” Carey insisted, “You don’t know how this place can get.”

“So, your big idea down the tubes, explain the thing, I’m a little confused.”

Bosco smiled, and grabbed the bottle. “Alright. Remember the camera phone right, it’s a cellphone with a camera. Now, imagine a camera with a cellphone, that’s the camera phone, it’s my idea.”

Carey chuckled. “That’s actually not stupid,” he said, “Better than your stamps,” he added.

Bosco was pleased to hear this. “Yeah, I mean, picture a top-notch camera, right, that has the side funtion of being a cellphone.”

Carey looked at the bottle. “Almost gone,” he said. “Grab some wine or something from the bar,” Bosco suggested. Carey shook his head no, “Can’t do that,” he said, “They’ll notice.” Bosco groaned, “Fuck I might be leaving, then,” he said, “Joking,” he then added.

Carey looked at the clock on the wall behind them. “Yeah, so, why is it too late to make it,” he asked. Bosco pondered, “Well,” he said, “Camera phone itself is an out-dated term now anyway, so, the ship has sailed. Every phone has a camera now, and the cameras now are pretty good,” Bosco said shrugging. Carey looked back at the clock. “Yeah, well. Flavored stamps.”


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