Tales From a Kitchen


Sass Can

You can pretend I’m not here,
You can dress me up
I’ll wear any scent you want
cause when the week is over
you damn know you’re taking me out


Those Waves

You stare at me
I spin for you
you groan and wine
he does it better
But leave me now
In time I’ll haunt
You’d stood too close


General Two Door

Though he replaced me
And now I serve less
in this musty, child’s dungeon
I find solace in the memory
of my badges rejecting him


She’s More

You think you can just
fill me up with your dirt
That I’ll take care of it
You show me off
As if I’m a trophy
to shine on you


Not The Same

You knew I wouldn’t keep
But you kept me around
And I waited for you
But having burned
By your cold side
I wasn’t the same


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