Looking For Dank

I was looking for dank but had no one good, so I walked down the street and began profiling strangers. I asked this one dude with dreadlocks in a knitted cap–he works at the deli–I saw him walking and so I asked if he had any dank and he said: “Na dude, I don’t do that stuff, I know I look like I do but I don’t.” I told him thanks anyway. Maybe he’s straight edge, I guessed, or maybe he’s cautious. Some minutes later I found this lone woman sitting on the bench by the bus stop with her bicycle. I asked her if she had any dank and she said maybe. Then she said: “Wait a minute. Feel my pussy first so I know you’re not a cop.” And with not a thought beyond what a bold request, I did, and she got me some dank.


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