A shot of fireball is nothing to protest
One need not be a cowboy to ingest
Eight nine or ten sticks of big red gum

Every fireball shot goes down the same
No matter what number, no regression
in taste, strength, there is no throat pain

That’s why kids drink it, liquid hot tamale
One need not think before it is too late
To assess what will find its way to a sink

It’s not as strong as traditional whiskey
Which is why it is far more dangerous
Canadian velvet is not black liquorice

One need not be a monk to be mindful
Of the burning fire scraping their throat
That of course not being from fireball

In the animal kingdom, some animals
Crows, rats, coyotes, animals we bait
Exhibit bait shyness, whereby death is

Avoided because they won’t eat poison
Or, they will eat a little bit of poison but
Then, they realize that they’d better not

And humans drinking alcohol is similar
For starters, alcohol is not orange juice
A human can live well without whiskey

But fireball drinkers, though, it is risky
Because, obviously fireball is perverted
whisky, it does not punish one’s throat

As the animals I’d mentioned, humans
Too have a detection method of sorts
And as humans, animals too have their

Own fireball, because, over the years
Human developments in poison have
Come a long way, such a long way in

Fact that the animals fail to realize that
They are eating poison as the effects
Of the poisons are unsensible until fatal

Back in the good old days of being a rat
Eating poison, even just a little poison
Would render any rat profoundly ill but

Rats were once able to realize it before
Too late and their systems were ruined
But nowadays, a rat will eat the entire

Tray of powdered corn cob and go on
Its merry way, being a rat and what not
And then seven days later it succumbs

To acute dehydration and hypovolemic
Circulatory shock which will kill the rat
But in the good old days it was different

Internal hemorrhaging was perhaps the
Preferred means of executing rats to the
Opinions of rats who could cheat death

Picture 4

Moral of the story is to drink hard whisky
Or, don’t drink any whisky to begin with
And powdered corn cob, although it is

Environmentally suitable, and is 100 %
Organic, virtually harmless if ingested
By a human, PCC is no friend of the rat


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