Deep Blue Wonder


How sharks smell blood from miles away
and still afford one extra sense–
How sperm whales drop to ocean depths
and do not crush and bleed their brain;
Why the Diver needs fins, gills and scales–
Why defenseless turtles hatch from shells;

How an albatross glides the globe in stride,
and the Bermuda Triangle asks Him why
“Unsinkable Ship” was thought a sin,
and the “Final Frontier” is nowhere near;
Why a hurricane credits to God’s wrath–
How the sunset helps believing last;

Why the seal is prey to the killer whale;
And Land Lovers victims if waves prevail;
Why He locks in a cage for a hungry shark;
And dolphins snag in garbage He’s tossed;
Why He keeps himself dry if algae blooms;
Why life tends to die wherever He looms;

How He sees snakes slither in the grass,
and in oceans too Sea snakes adapt;
And without His legs He’s handicapped;
As a one-legged seagull robs His food
on the beach He frequents for high noon;
How He sits and thinks about the ocean.

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