It’s No Wonder

My Sweet,
From the first time I
threw ears on you
“Fuck you, asshole,”
was all that I’d hear.
And I knew it then the
sentiment was mutual
My Sweet.

Our first fight- Willow Park-
I remember a day so vivid-
so real, so full of heart and
You had told me that I
have daddy issues
and that I’m
doomed to a life alone
and that I’m
dying inside.
And I looked you in the eyes
My Sweet and I said “You
coldass bitch,” and the rest
was history.

We are such beginners,
you and I My Sweet-
We are such beginners.

Remember that night-
Dinner with Todd and Carrie-
When I’d mentioned to both
how much that I hoped
the next time you masturbate
with your rusty spoon
it gives you tetanus-
My Sweet Do you remember?

I know that’s just the pet name
My Sweet- Rusty Spoon- I know-
but Todd and Carrie didn’t.

Do you recall what you’d said
as well, though My Sweet-
the same night- to Todd-
after the whole, cutlery affair-
telling him that I hit you
in the car before dinner?

My Sweet.
Todd and Carrie approached
me- immediately- threatening
me with the authorities and
accusing me of certain demons

My Sweet,
How you broke into tears
and admitted to your lie
(which it most certainly was,)
and they didn’t believe this
(despite saying they did,)
but we never saw them again

My Sweet.
The old, two birds by one stone-
I never liked Todd and Carrie

My Sweet.
We’re such the rebels
You and I- We love
on our own terms.

It’s no wonder
My Sweet
that they envy us-
It’s no wonder.


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