Breeding Season

The human race is not a continually breeding species

Humans engage in sexual intercourse during one month of every year

In this month, the month of May, sex is the sole mission of every human

It is imperative for the continuation of the human race that this be so

Purely biological the force propelling this phenomenon is unfightable

All external human creation gears for this month; it is a holiday of thirty days

Occupations pause; pornography is unthinkable; masturbation is unthinkable

Industries reliant on human sexuality as WE know it might never bloom—

That includes pharmaceuticals, chocolates and flowers, and sexworkers—

Every human sexual desire ignites upon May and ceases at the start of June.

The concept of romance becomes a muddled mess for us to even ponder.

Finally all males evolve magnificent tails like a peacock, because, why not.


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