so You’re really fucking up my view of the world

It’s one thing to second-guess myself, from time to time

Many would say it’s prudent, it’s careful judgement

but define to me, respect, assure me I’m competent

Such a muddled mess, this back & forth between us

A heavy press, crucial to turn and I can’t erase

The closer we get, the greater this weight

And what will I form in the presence of nothing

It’s clear as that day that neither will mold

I trusted your words, they meant you were leaving

I don’t enjoy being dragged along

But then you turn closer and what do I do

Discredit my anger and what do I feel

Favoring one shoulder in the face of the ambivalence

Knowing my blindness to the skeptic inside me

and The quivering beating of my shopworn heart

You smile to me and I see where I’m heading

It’s worth it to be there, regardless when I’m gone


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