Seven Aggressions

Aggressive Aggressive:

You tell your boss “I hate you.”

Republican Presidential candidate Trump reacts as he speaks at the 2015 FreedomFest in Las Vegas

Evasive Aggressive:

“Oh, I just love your shirt,” you tell her


because her shirt is hideous, and though you seem disingenuous it’s not immediately obvious and she’s made to wonder.


Passive Aggressive:

Because you hate your boss, you call-in sick.


….and hang out with your friends and make fun of her

Donald Trump Makes Campaign Swing Through Iowa

for giving you the day off.


Inadvertent Aggressive:

Someone sneezes because…because dust


yet you scowl


because you’re Random Aggressive:


Aggressive Progressive:

“Shame on you! Stereotyping the elderly–or anyone for that matter!”


Aggressive Regressive:

You say nothing. And pad your list.

Donald Trump

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