One time I was so deluded on drugs there was a ghost in my apartment
About one week later this ghost became a demon
Needless to say I was a little upset by him
I named him Gunther, and I told him that he lost his manhood in a knife fight
Gunther was pretty upset to hear this
Long story but this ended up in a jar and displayed on my shelf like a trophy
so we battled over it for a few days until I found myself in a hospital
Gunther sure did want his manhood back
and Gunther did get me baker-acted but In the end, I think I won the fight
My weapon of choice was, of course, a machete
of which I own two, and also a crowbar…and a slingshot
And I destroyed a good half of my apartment but I never saw the bastard again
Gunther’s manhood, however, is mine to keep
His name is wearing off, and the grenadine for his blood is no longer visible
But wherever Gunther is, I’m sure he misses it



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