Drug Poem

1| If all consuming,
it might mean the future is nothing.

To be immersed in something
to the point that I become it
is a little more tripping.

2| The way a kid economizes candy
is not unlike economizing money,
once he’s a user.

If his own bought candy lasts him
only the ride home, one day it will be drugs.

3| I’m better off this other way,
says a life coach on my shoulder.

Drugs are not intrinsically bad.

They’re not for everyone.
Drugs are powerful.

I would be more romantic
but it’s already too justified.

4| I never had something I can’t outlove.
That always tells me, push it farther.
That changes me because I want it.

That under your influence, the way I am
knows the way, to when I’m not.
That is what
responsible drug use is all about.

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