Lukesier of The Year

It is with great pleasure that I award myself
the inaugural Lukesier of The Year
World Championship Trophy.oscars
Due to his proven excellence in naval warfare.
His explorer’s spirit and his landmark discovery
of the land of milk and honey.
His breadth of skill, and his winner’s acuity
in all relevant domains of the blogosphere,
spanning land, ocean, city, jungle
outer space, and realms of the divine.

Ladies and gentlemen. Mermaids and seaman.
Goddesses and gods. Vermin and humble lifeforms
of the hidden valley. Give it up for your first, ever,
inaugural recipient of the Lukesier of The Year
World Championship Trophy…85thacademyawardsnominationsluncheoninsidex_nimaqblr_x
[drum roll…]

[more drum roll…]

LUKE —– MEYER!photo-on-10-26-16-at-9-13-am-2

“Wow. Just. Wow. Just. You know. A lot of people said,
Luke you are never gonna win an award for your blog,
much less are you gonna win a Lukesier of The Year.

“Yeah that is what they said and you know what,
I’m glad I only had listened them, to these
of my dreams,
and never took it to heart because
[lifts his award. Looks at it. Hoists it above his head.]




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