Martian found on Mars

Freak found the nature


A wind toy made of tin

A long-fasted predator


Crunching levers, thin

Paint and rustic colors

Resisting the urges yet

So close to its breaking


Andre the GiantHopper!

A most mighty bug king!

Reining lawn champion!

Nay– A defeated castoff

A sickly wandering loser

Product to the dominant


An ignorant blinded titan

Made foolish in his glory

A traumatized Has-Been

Too shell-shocked to act


Like the empires of olden

Like the bullies in movies

Like the old, battled bear

Like the gator of no teeth


I’m shocked it lives to be

I’d’ve thought a bird eats

I see its type all too often

I’d almost feel sorry for it 


I’ve not seen one grander

I’d not need even secrete



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