The Lungfish

You’re a superhero’s antihero

Master of Disguise just shittier

If you had weakness it’d be x-ray

You’re such an okay cover

I wish I’d get away with anything

They say the field is a loaded gun

Those who say this are full of lead

Pretty fancy permit, shooter

You swim lagoons but not oceans

You rap in your car like you feel it

Yet in jungles you halt like gill slits

You’re such a lazy lungfish

I crave for something thicker

But I fear my own pretensions

It’s like an inconvenient excuse

The least of both worlds

You’re a dog patting its own head

You bark with such wisdom

The mailman, the cat, your tail

Trio never stood a chance

I’m just gonna lock up into a brick

And wait it out, because I can

And do the whole mess over again

Wish I’d been a mudskipper


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