Badge of Man

Badge of Man

November was a sham

A testament to the changing tides

December came and washed the beaches

Countless men had ditched their badges in fear

But older men have badges & nobody bats an eye

But long ago–years before now–the badge was stronger

———Great men of all ages had worn badges back then

—————–When I was younger, I remember noticing

————————–that I was then perhaps badgeable

—————————————But despite it I grew no

————————————————–Badge of Man

—————————————-I aimed for lesser glory

————————–Forwent honor and underachieved

——————-I had imitated the displays of selfish men

———–I ignored the dignified grace of men who’re best

——–It was Elvis, not the King; a Giant, not a teddy bear

In those formative years, I was but a lamb despite 2 chops

———As the years went by, I learned to trust my abilities

———-I realized that, though I’d took pride in my chops

—————-I was really but playing it safe, like the lamb

—————————And so, I tied my boots, so to speak

—————————————-Unified by 1 but–still no

—————————————————-Badge of Man

————————-And so I have a dream

——————That one day again, man’s badge

————Will be judged not by the age of its grower

——–But by the quality of style and grace of splendor

—–Why must the young badger be deemed as creepy?

And why is it that I, at almost 30 am perceived of in irony?

—–They tell me, “middle age will come” & “don’t worry!”

——–But let me ask you honestly, so will it now really

————The tides of masculinity subsided eternally

——————Lest we forget this damned month

————————-Remember, remember

——————————-Badge of Mantom_selleck_2









Year of The Mustache


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