2-ish years.

Sometimes it’ll cross my mind,

but that’s really all it ever does;


stretches end-to-end, and ends.

And my skull’s really not so big.


Maybe if I knew where to start,

then, maybe then I would, IDK.


I could call you some time, but

then, I guess that I’d then lose.


You won’t call you me, I know.

You said to stay away forever,

and so I honored your request.


They write movies on romance;

CourtTV because its antithesis;

I’d shoot for somewhere middle.


That was a JK, but you’d get it.

Yeah I tend to remember Bshit.


You’re either a Hellsent demon,

or it was figment of my creation.


I wish I knew which one, but as

time passes, you seem less evil.

[must’d been pretty evil]

And I don’t care to clear the air,

I care about only what was in it.


I do wish I knew. IDGAF: that’s

not a don’t but do: I really, GAF.

[one or two, min/max]

I’d think of more but less is more.


If you read this don’t be flattered.


I’m not obsessed, I’m thoughtful.


I could write a poem on anything.


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