American Aliens.

Beaches where they do not belong

Sand dunes, like in pictures, by

freshwater oceans small only in

comparison to ancient salt giants.

Young American aliens up in Canada,

frying unknowing below a fast-living

sun, on untamed beds of a brownish,

grainy hodgepodge of limestone and

sandstone, fiberglass filters, cans

of aluminum, sticks, shims, twigs-

a texture so coarse, cotton towels

crumbled to its will, failing purpose.

The young aliens awoke and rose from

roasting yet laughed about scarring,

and ran diving into the little ocean.

They surged their bodies with copious

fluids, thereby returning sediments

back to the beach beds. They laughed,

an oddly great amount, and went back

to sleep, for several hours. They forgot

to go back home.


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