Monday’s Best.

I wake up freely and never use an alarm, so,

I rise from bed I’m stretching both my arms.

This, makeshift mattress it’s not even a bed;

on couchless cushions which I rest my head.


The mirror greets me from across the room;

she says good morning that I need to groom

and, I look insane but I don’t do as she says;

I smile nodding, fix breakfast instead: some,


Spanish coffee and some creme de menthe,

mixes together steams me up and then, it’s,

swirls of green I’m smoking cigarettes; with,

sunny eggs I got my three best friends; it’s,


Sunday’s paper in my striped bathrobe; it’s,

like this movie that I’ve never known, cause,

got bunny slippers and the radio’s on, while,

I’m watching neighbors in this Monday Sun.

The birds are chirping from their little nests.

I have to wonder if I should be this blessed.

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