Popular Spit.


It’s all cold coffee and yesterday’s paper

Dollar store calendar, clear plastic pager

Y-2k cellars and the doomsday disasters

Ducttape the windows to die shortly after

That minidisc player is two years too late

Pocket monstrosities are seizuring great

Princess diana’s fate was held in a case

Babies in my attic are not holding weight

Jared the millionaire did it the sub’s way

Yoga mat bread yet he turns an eye okay

Nationalized fried fare and patriot names

Patches O’Houlihan has seen better days

Jincos to cargos to sweatshopping slaves

Old navy, old navy, old navy performance

Fleeces, golden rams, and madea’s a man

Michael sam fastly canned, cowboys back

Mountains break, joker-dosing, fans irate

What the hell did the pats do in watergate

Cupid nixed, online dates, facebook wins

Tom deflates, craig’s a killer, mingle saints

Sequel this sequel that, little foot fiftyeight

Take a risk, hold your breath, holly’s wood

Critics ache, it transformed, it’s bewitched

Gilligan’s on an Island, in 3d, coming soon

Starring jim carrey, in a theater who knew

It’s a lie, google says, if you wiki the check

It’s a netflix original and it stars will arnett

A troll how it grows, memed a soul overfed

Nostalgia is a famine is the publisher’s bet

Buzz lightyear soup kitchens making a list

Pogs slammed away in the cabbages patch

The apple’s orchard has never looked back

They should perhaps make an app for that

Little walk through the woods via my ipad

Literally suddenly a word that’s contested

Selfie is amazingly a word that’s respected

Merriam webster failed in urban re-tested

It’s obstacle courses for stairmaster jocks

Abs in eight minutes is a fact of the chuck

Go swim with the piggies, flex in the muck

The iron of that irony is in need of a pump

Ronco sham-wowed me I ordered a blade

Billy mays is rotissering rage in his grave

History channel and the eggs that it’s laid

Breakfast of aliens salutes the nazis away

H stood for hitler channel, back in the day

Swampman’s no gayfan, angers a duckfan

Tom cruising couches, a study of madman

Kennedy’s zombie’s returned to the ocean

The popular saliva is a neverending potion

3 thoughts on “Popular Spit.

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