No Squeezies

Don’t squeeze me, because I don’t squeak

All that I do is pour smoke from my teeth

I’m not some toy, and I’m not fluffy inside

I’m made of things from which children hide

I don’t need a hug, I need you to back off

You’re a million yards away, close enough

All that I have for this world is endless angst

So please don’t squeeze me for my juice

Squeeze me instead if you want the truth

No one’s ever once asked me for the refill

As I just truly am that goddamn hospitable.

You think you’re the first to think I’m scared,

That I’m hurting inside, that I’m acting tough

Motherfucker I have no inside, I am hollow

Because all I do is continue to prove, I am.

I am not a saint. And I never claimed to be.



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