Strange Rain Spigots In Florida, 3

Now the thunder is upon me
Crashing down is lightning
Gentle rain, hence the clash
Lighting district of the country

The rooftop sounding pellets
Windows shut and covered
The cannon blasts, no stretch,
the crux of my smile disturbed

The streets are flooded dry,
as all the people fled inside
But as for birds, I won’t know,
I cannot hear them singing.

These walls must be of paper,
for nothing escapes my ears
But still I wonder if they know,
this falling rain is never tears.

I adore the rain, I love the rain,
this tropic rain, passing through.
I admire this rain I never knew.
I enjoy the rain, the thunder too.

Once the thunder has passed,
a sign will show to ring this true
The birds are back, are singing
Cars appear, the streets in tune.
I’ll miss the rain yet love this too.

The Rain Is Always Rain Meyer


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