Vincent Van-Poo

I was at my local Target, in Williamsville, NY, some years ago. I went into the bathroom and then into one of the stalls. It’s amazing in retrospect, the fact that I was able to walk in there all the way but I did. Though on second thought it’s actually not amazing, and I’ll tell you why. To my left or to my right, I’m not sure which but there was a mural on the wall. The metal wall of the stall. This mural was hand-painted. It was a finger painting. The medium was human poop. Disgusting, sure, but was the mural good, was it well painted you ask. Absolutely it was. Remarkably well made. It was a landscape, with hills, trees, clouds, etc. This poop was thinly smeared, and that’s why I didn’t notice it until I saw it. I feel like if it was just thrown on there, like splatter painting, I would’ve seen it coming. I’ve seen a lot of strange things in life, and this is one.


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