Yellow Mohawk

One of my earliest memories is of seeing a poop floating in a toilet bowl. What had struck me as so peculiar about this poop, is that it was lined, mohawked I guess to say, with a yellow streak. It had looked like there was mustard on it. Like how a hot dog is dressed with mustard, that’s what I saw with this poop. That was my perception. The poop wasn’t mine. Somebody forgot to flush, maybe my brother. Anyway early memories are hard to keep with accuracy, but I’ll never forget it. I remember oftentimes wondering how it could happen, how poop could come out with the appearance of having mustard on it. The timing of this memory, the age I was when it happened, it was around the same time I discovered that poop can sometimes be green. So there were reasons for me to be curious. Eventually I put this wonder to rest. I had asked enough adults (I think, says my memory) and they all had said no, that it doesn’t happen. I’d remained adamant, though–after all, seeing is believing, as they say. So I’d check every time, always looking for the yellow mohawk. It never came.


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