Popsicle Stick War

Martha Stewart squeezes a grin and turns her eyes towards Meyer, “nice pencil canister” she tells him jabbingly. Meyer groans, “Martha, that’s a cheap shot” he says with a bended hand extended. Martha Stewart wobbles her head in enjoyment, “it’s not bad, I was just teasing, it’s looking fantastic” she says to Meyer. Meyer looks up from his half-finished popsicle stick pencil canister, he looks to Martha Stewart, he gives her his most genuine smile, “thanks Martha, you would know” he tells her, it was as if he was reasoning this. Martha Stewart smiles in return but keeps her eyes set on her own popsicle stick project. She is building a birdhouse.

Meyer speaks, “I just, well, I just, I just can’t get over how well you do your edges, Martha” Meyer says to Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart turns her head to look at Meyer, “oh, what do you mean exactly?” she asks sim. Meyer lets out a weak sigh before he speaks, “I just, I don’t know, it’s just, I never seem to cut them right” he says to Martha Stewart. Meyer was somewhat embarrassed to say this. Martha Stewart’s eyes immediately then sharpen, she was genuinely concerned for Meyer’s problem with edges, “well, what are you using to cut your popsicle sticks with?” Martha Stewart asks Meyer leaning her head in closer towards him. They were standing side-by-side at a workbench. Meyer was reticent to answer, “uh-well, I just use my pliers” Meyer says to Martha Stewart, it was almost as if Meyer was asking her a question.

Martha Stewart is relieved to hear this answer out of Meyer, “ah, silly” she tells him, “use your micro-saw, of course” Martha Stewart says to Meyer emphatically. Meyer’s eyes light up, he then speaks, “ah, yeah, that’s right, of course, of course” he says quickly, “so obvious” he says to Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart wobbles her head in enjoyment, she proceeds with building her birdhouse.

Martha Stewart speaks, “I think you really have a talent for this kind of thing, Meyer” Martha Stewart says to Meyer nodding her head. Meyer is overcome, he speaks, “thank you” he tells her poundingly. Martha Stewart nods her head back at Meyer, “I really love your color schemes” she tells him, “you always display excellent taste in your color schemes” Martha Stewart says adding to Meyer.

Meyer speaks, “oh now you’re too much” Meyer says back at her, he distances himself farther away from her but by only just inches. Martha Stewart has noticed this, “Meyer, I’m serious, your color schemes are very good” she says to Meyer and closes the gap that Meyer has made between them. Meyer is not convinced. He has noticed her movements.

Meyer speaks, “thanks but no thanks, Martha, and I don’t mean that to be rude” he tells her. He was sincere. Martha Stewart shrugs a quick shoulder, she then speaks, “whatever Meyer” she tells him then trails into a mumble. Meyer looks up, “come again” he fastly asks her. Martha Stewart does not honor Meyer’s request, “nothing, Meyer” she says to him. Meyer knows Martha Stewart said something that was mumbled, but he shrugs it off, “I love your siding” he says to Martha Stewart and was speaking on her bird house. Martha Stewart is cutting a popsicle stick, she cuts it using needlessly strong force. She drops her knife on the workbench counter, she looks up at Meyer, “thanks Meyer” she tells him poundingly and was sarcastic. Meyer picks this up with no moment, he reacts, “it’s actually not all that great, Martha, I was just teasing you” he says to Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart’s jaw drops, she is astounded by Meyer. Meyer thinks he has gone too far, he then thinks to apologize, and then thinks to smooth it over with a relevant joke, but Martha Stewart beats him to first words, she speaks, “when I said your color schemes are fantastic, I was telling you the truth” Martha Stewart says to Meyer. Meyer looks to his side. He smirks slightly.

Martha Stewart speaks,


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